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Property Valuation So where is the best opportunity to put my money if I’m agnostic and I don’t care where I want to be versus the person who’s in their own backyard and they’re really pacific about where they want to be? So we’re going to sort of flesh that out a bit more as we go through but it’s important to get that context, I think. Ben Kingsley Yeah, it is. I think we’re going to make some generic statements.


So it’s really important to understand that with those generic statements, that’s the sort of rising tide of all the markets. So I think we want to dig a little bit deeper in this session and sort of talk more about specific types of property and what.

we think where the demand is going to leave and where there might be a bit of an oversupply in each of those markets as well. Bryce Hold away I agree. So I don’t think we could probably start anywhere else other than the top performer of which was Sydney. It did exceptionally well. Ben Kingsley Yeah, it’s a great story Grab More Deatil @ www.valuationssa.com.au

Five Doubts You Should Clarify About House Valuation.

I mean when I say great story, it’s because through and sort of the mid-s and into the late and it just started to rugged. It was – the economic environment was sluggish. It was mismanaged from a state government point of view and I think we’ve now started to see some real movement in terms of infrastructure and those types of things. So what we are seeing is yeah, I think it’s a booming economy and I’ve spent a fair bit of time up there and I’ve noticed it. I mean I lived there years ago – sorry, a long time ago but I lived there for a period of ten years.

So I can see some real change sharpening in that market. So it didn’t surprise me that it had the run that it did but I suspect that what we will see is a softening across that broader market that we saw in.Bryce Holdaway Wasn’t it interesting when you talked to people at the beginning of and it’s that what goes up sometimes must – the air must come out of it at some stage but everyone was thinking,

“No way. This is going to keep happening.” You get that fame that we always talk about, the fear of missing out. But it’s interesting that a lot of people in that market have done exceptionally well. But some people who made some poor decisions around asset selection might be feeling a little bit fearful in.

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